That’s one ugly candle.

March 17, 2010


Naps – especially Sunday afternoon naps – are very precious to me. On Sunday when we were in Lincoln, Lloyd had to go to school for a while before choir. I went to the school library and arranged seven padded chairs to make a remarkably comfortable bed. (Any students who might be reading this – no, I didn’t. Stop reading this and get back to whatever you’re supposed to be doing.) I had a blanket from the car (for emergency napping), and was rather cozy, except for a pillow.

I’ve been to Scheel’s sporting supply and have seen these cool roll-up pillows filled with scrap foam that roll up into a little bag/pocket. “I could make that,” I thought.

Ummm, not really. Yes, I had foam. Yes, I had fabric. (Remember those napkins that I made? Turns out the fabric is slightly less absorbent than plastic wrap.) Chop, chop, sew sew. Re-chop. Sew. Dang. I started with foam pieces about as big as marshmallows, but they were too lumpy. I cut them into mini-marshmallow sizes, but didn’t have enough to fill it really full. I could have cut more, but I was already bored with it. The five-minute project turned into a twenty-minute project, and I was done by minute eighteen.

These are the worthless napkins.

Big ol' chunks.

It needs about three more foam slices.

Bonus: When I rolled it into the handy pocket (that goes the wrong way), Lloyd said, “Oh. I see that it’s the same size either way.”

It needs a string to hold it closed, but seriously - I'm never going to use it.

Whatever. I’m set for a nap at any moment.


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7 Responses to “That’s one ugly candle.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I bet you could cut up those foam chunks in no time with a Slap Chop. Where’s Vince when you need him?


  2. Deanne Said on:

    We have a little camping pillow that we love. It’s not nearly so much fun as making it yourself, but it sure feels good. I’ve been wondering about working with down recently. Could I buy bulk down and make a comfortable pillow myself? Without making a ginormous mess?


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Did you cut your fabric with the electric knife, too?

    And why are there squares cut from the MIDDLE of the foam?


  4. Christina Said on:

    Did you consider covering a long piece of 1 inch thick foam maybe 12 inches x 18 inches with your fabric….then roll it up like a sleeping bag and use that as a pillow? this would store flat under your seat in the car….pull it out, roll it up and poof! a comfy pillow.


  5. Beth Said on:

    Um. Where’s the ugly candle?


  6. Lauren Said on:

    The foam is from a mattress-topper disaster, and is layered with holes in it already. I’ve been steadily chopping it up over time.


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