Excuse me, Ma’am…..

September 3, 2010


Here’s an unexpected bright spot in a wonderful afternoon/evening.

For starters, I left work at 4:15!! I opened at 6a.m., so I had no guilt about going home. Then, I took a nap until 6p.m.! Can I hear a woo-hoo? Woo-hoo!! (Sorry, I’m very cheery.)

Then I went into Lincoln. I’m looking for a specific gadget for a future post, but couldn’t find it. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, then ShopKo, and finally TJ Maxx. The TJ Maxx is right by a Best Buy, and as I was walking across the parking lot I kept hearing random ukulele notes. I thought I was finally going insane, but as I opened the door to TJ Maxx, I heard it again and peered out into the dusk – looking right at a woman walking toward the store. I didn’t want to seem like I was rudely peering at her, so I hung out in the entryway to ask her if she also heard that music.

As she walked in… she was carrying a ukulele and a Jumpin’ Jim book.

Lauren: “You have a ukulele!” (I’m amazing at stating the obvious.)

Lady: “Yes, I just got it.”

She went to the counter to ask if she could carry it around the store without getting in trouble. Meanwhile, I was hovering behind her with excitement just beaming from my pores. It was hard to stay on the ground.

She turned around, and as calmly and non-psychotically as possible, I said, “I’m not a crazy person, but I’m a huge fan of ukuleles. You are going to love that. Instant success and satisfaction.”

She was wonderful about not calling security on me. It turned out that she had just bought this used uke and was going to learn how to play it. I snatched it from her hands as I said, “Would you like me to tune it for you? Um…. Sorry that I just grabbed that from you.” Again, she refrained from calling for help.

I tuned it and explained all the ins and outs to her, and then strummed a little to show how easy it is. Did you hear that? I was playing ukulele in TJ Maxx and I was awake!

A random stranger came over to say that he thought that ukulele stumming was just such a pleasant sound. I married him instantly.

The lady’s name is Dana, and we exchanged phone numbers after she asked if she could call me with any questions. I left her by saying, “Thanks for being the bright spot in my day.” Then I went to track down my new husband to convince him to buy a uke.

Ahhhhhh……. what a great evening….

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6 Responses to “Excuse me, Ma’am…..”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You’re living the dream, Lauren. Shopping and ukuleles?

    I think it’s amazing that you actually spoke with Dana. All my attempts at having conversations like that have turned into social nightmare.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    She has your phone number. You do realize, don’t you, that she’s going to turn you in?


  3. Deborah Said on:

    My pastor’s name is Dana. And he’s a man. It’s confusing.


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