January 18, 2011

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Lloyd and I spent Sunday afternoon and part of the evening re-arranging his classroom. Well, he did most of it and I was his Girl Friday – totin’ and haulin’ when necessary.

Many things were donated items that had to be weeded through, trash needed to be trashed, and some tables and desks were going to switch places. We bought Pepsi to provide strength!

ake a deep breath and then get busy.

I moved some desks around (the ones I’m standing on for the picture) and when they were away from the wall I saw something spooky.

Ladies and gentlmen, I would like to offer my first installment of a series I like to call: Is It A Dead Spider?

Is it?

This game is fun to play in my laundry room.

What did you guess?
If you guessed “Not a spider, but a rolled-up twist tie”, then you win!

I didn't try for a good macro shot.  Dang.

You’ll be able to continue playing this game in subsequent posts. It’s important to remember the spider bit for the next part of this long – and yet kind of pointless – story.

Lloyd was up on a ladder with his head in the ceiling so he could run some cable across the room. He called to me, “Hey, come up here. I want you to see something.”

“Is it a dead spider?” I asked.

He assured me that it wasn’t. I climbed the ladder and he said, “Look on top of the server.” I did and saw:

Lauren: It’s the frog that Beth gave you.
Lloyd: Not that. Look closer.
Lauren: (looking with trepidation) There is a spider up here, isn’t there?
Lloyd: No. Oh, maybe you’re not high enough. Go up a step.

I did and saw:

Hey! It’s Lloyd’s pocketknife that he lost months ago! It’s the CyberLloyd 2000, as we like to call it – with all kinds of tools on it for fixing computers. He was missing it for weeks and we finally just ordered a new one. Now he has two, isn’t that sweet?

And wasn’t this a long, drawn-out way to tell you, ‘Lloyd found his pocketknife on top of the server’?

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11 Responses to “Found.”

  1. Steve Said on:

    I’m amazed you went that long without your pocketknife. How did you get any computer fixing done? Did you get a newer fancier model?


  2. Brad Said on:

    If they make specialized pocket knives for computer people, do they make pocket knives for other kinds of people? …a pocket knife for plumbers? …for knitters?


  3. Beth Said on:

    YAY!! for Lloyd!!

    Am I getting bonus points for making cameos in so many posts lately?
    Because if not, I would like to argue my case. 😀


  4. Curt Said on:

    I like how you are cooling the server. Well done.


    • Peggy Said on:

      I was going to ask if that fan was running & ask why….thanks for reading my mind Curt.


      1. Lloyd-when did you get a new classroom? are you teaching again? Are you out of the closet for good?
      2. Love the frog! (glad you found your knife.)
      3. I play a similar game Lauren on my way to work. Is that a dead deer, dead fox, dead possum, a rolled up blanket?


      • Lloyd Said on:

        Wow, that’s a lot…

        0) Servers generate a lot of heat and, while heat rises on it’s own, the heat was not rising sufficiently quickly for my taste. So the fan pulls hot air out of the server rack and, one would presume, pulls cooler air in.

        1) I’m only teaching 3-4 classes a semester. They figure that this will help minimize the damage done to future generations. I teacher classes in several different computer labs, but this is the one that my closet is off of.

        2) The frog doesn’t work as well on flat paneled monitors, and is currently looking for a good home.

        3) Your work sounds more exciting.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    The two pictures of the carpet show vastly different colors of flooring. How does your camera do that???


  6. christina Said on:

    Whew! I didn’t think it was a spider, but I first looked at the close up picture, I thought it was a little snake…..glad you don’t have snakes in your lab Lloyd!


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