May 31, 2012


I have an iPad now, and I’ve been using it this week to get up a few minutes earlier and try some yoga via YouTube. You might remember that I have plans to be come a tai chi master. (I planned that four years ago, but tai chi has all that movement. I’m working my way up to it.)

No mat. Just me on the carpet in my pj's.

At 5 a.m. I go into Brad’s room and turn on the iPad to meet with Esther, my internet instructor. She is from the Netherlands, and her soothing Dutch accent makes her seem exotic and wise. I’ve only done her ‘beginners’ material, because I only have 15 minutes for this health thing.

My favorite has been the ‘morning flow‘ video – only 9 1/2 minutes of stretching while I fall back asleep. Esther says things like, “stand up…spreading the toes once more… really feeling it… soften the face…. feel the air on your skin…. you could still be a little bit caught up in the dreamland of the night….” Standing? Stretching my toes? Feeling air? That is my kinda exercise!

There are a few problems. 1) I keep falling asleep. 2) I have no flexibility in these poses. 3) My glasses keep falling off my face. 4) When we do the arm circles my crunchy shoulders sound like somebody is trying to blend a smoothie in my back. 5) There is alternately too much air on my skin or not enough.

It’s better than nothing, though. I even ordered a set of yoga cards to take to school. I though that I could just have a few out and the children could practice the stretches. I bet they can put their foreheads on their knees. Darn flexible kids.

I say we start placing bets on how many more days before I quit. Hot tip: Pick 2.

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2 Responses to ““Exercise””

  1. Brad Said on:

    “Something is better than nothing.” I use that all the time. I think that’s a possible self-help book best seller. It would make millions.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    I like Brad’s motto. I will adapt it with your permission. Something is better than nothing!

    Off to Best Buy to buy an iPad!

    (Way to go Lauren! You are my hero! I do so envy you.)


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