How long can I keep this up?

June 29, 2012


Did you know you can lop off the end of the stalk of celery and re-pot it? Follow these directions to do so.

I’ve become insufferable. I can’t walk by this thing without saying in my Scarlet O’Hara voice, “With God as my witness – I shall never buy celery again!”

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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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3 Responses to “How long can I keep this up?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Fascinating. I’ve heard of pineapples, but not celery. No power here this morning because of a huge thunderstorm. I’m curious to see the pictures on a screen larger than an iPhone.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Oh please let us know how this turns out. I can’t wait to see the celery you grow. I may even try this myself. The only thing that worries me is the keeping the soil moist part.

    No matter what happens, it makes a really cool looking plant!


  3. Beth Said on:

    PB and the Js are just fine. In case you were fretting. 😉


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