That whole family is in denial.

January 24, 2013


He sets such a bad example for the others.

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5 Responses to “That whole family is in denial.”

  1. Kris Said on:

    Thanks for the first-thing-in-the-morning giggle:)


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Hehe…..thanks for that trip down memory lane! I loved when my kids were that age and sang those songs….I can still hear their little voices & picture their little motions. Dang, now I’m all misty eyed. I’ll run away. Run away.


  3. Brad Said on:

    Thinking about those odd words of a childrens song makes me also think about the words to other songs -- bizarre and scary words like Rock-a-bye Baby.

    Were people just trying to mess with their kids when they made up these songs?


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