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June 1, 2013


First of all, please don’t feel sorry for me that I didn’t go to Hawaii. In addition to not wanting to be where the ocean is, I did want to do what I love best: be home in the quiet. Honestly, the past few days have been awesome. You might think that you know what ‘introvert’ means, but you haven’t met me. Sitting around the house and not talking to anyone? Oh, yeah. Plus I have a few projects I need to work on, and being here gives me motivation to work on them.

The first night I was almost giddy. I flitted about and cleaned so that I could be quiet without the guilt of ‘clean this house already’. The second night I conked out on the sofa at 8 because I had stayed up so late making that video. That brings us to today, Saturday.

First, I was awake at 5 because Wally was loudly hacking up a piece of string he was eating. I fed them, then went back to bed. Woo-hoo! Lazy breakfast making and dawdling about, and I was finally on the road to Lincoln by 11. At each store I went I met some remarkable employees. The first was a lady at the hardware store that could have been a character on t.v. – the gravelly-voiced, good natured lady from Brooklyn. Seriously, I should have recorded her. Next was an incredibly friendly man at Big Lots with a booming voice. He also seemed unreal. Finally, the sweet, raven-haired stylist who completely misunderstood what I was telling her about my hair and gave me the cut that I was going to get next month. I told her to just make it shorter for now, and that next month I was going to try that ‘longer-in-the-front’ look. She did it, but in a weird way. Arrrggghhh!! Whatever. It’s just hair.

Back in Seward I stopped at work to re-do the devilish countertop in the kitchen. That stupid thing refuses to be caulked correctly. This must be the fourth time I’ve done it since we’ve been there. (Maybe I should just find somebody who knows what they’re doing, right?) I actually watched a video this time and learned a great tip – tape off the caulkline first, then you’ll have an even edge. I taped it off, got my tube ready, then realized I bought clear caulk!! D’oh! Off to Wal-Mart for white caulk, but no remarkable employees.

I also changed out the toilet seats in the boys’ bathroom. We won’t speak of that. All I will say is: Boys are disgusting.


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6 Responses to “What I’ve been up to.”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Sounds like an excellent time for you, Lauren. Keep going! And if you finish the projects early, I have a few that could use your expertise.


  2. Beth Said on:

    Your hair looks very cute in that picture where it’s laying in urine from disgusting boys. Very cute indeed.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    You have such beautiful hair! I wish I had it.

    And I totally get the alone time. Enjoy!


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    I was up at 5:00 too. I can’t believe how much Wally misses me.


  5. Brad Said on:

    I just finished “The Life of Pi”. It talked about tigers hacking up hairballs. Ha!


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