Zippity doo dah! (That is a terrible title.)

August 4, 2013

Home 'Improvement'

I’m certain that I have written of my love for L-brackets before, right? My standard joke that if God had used L-brackets, Creation would have only taken four days? (Hmmmm…. Is that lightning getting closer?)

Well, I have a similar love for zip-ties now. There are many, many uses for zip-ties. Not pretty uses mind you, but they are right up there with duct tape in usefulness. (Oh, I like duct tape, too.)

Well, I have two zip-tie stories from this weekend. The first is from the cable running. The group that was pulling in the basement had a section of the drop ceiling break. There were already a bunch of phone/computer cables there, and the weight and movement was just too much. The bracket that holds up the drop ceiling panels was bent and wouldn’t go back in place. There needed to be a way to hold the weight off the broken part and also hold up the bracket.

You know what this situation called for?


Our custodian happened by at that moment and just about busted a gut. He asked me to send him a photo ofmy handiwork but I don’t think my ego can take it. Besides, it was just temporary…. until I got a couple of coat hangers involved to do the real work!

The second is also a temporary fix. Sam and Rachel are staying in a rental, and the shower has a grab rail inside for the former resident. There used to be an adjustable, spring-loaded shower arm holder attached to the grab bar, but it was broken. Their landlord put a different holder on the wall, but it’s very low and awkward.

Brad sent a text that his Home Depot had a grab-bar replacement.


Woo-hoo! I checked in Lincoln, but no. I went to Menard’s and asked, but the gentleman kind of sneered at me like I was making it up. “I’ve never heard of that.” Hmmph.

Well, ok. I had other options. PVC, a regular shower arm, and ……. zip ties!

(When Sam sends the photo from his phone, I will insert it here. I hope that happens before the morning or this post is significantly less funny.)

Why am I not sending these to my favorite website?

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4 Responses to “Zippity doo dah! (That is a terrible title.)”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    I’m not a fix-it kind of person….unless we’re talking about food.

    So my question is, do they really need the grab rail? Couldn’t you just take it off?

    And HAHAHA….that site is hilarious! I’m going back for more!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    PS. I think your title is GREAT!


  3. Brad Said on:

    Sorry you couldn’t find that thing, but at least it gave you a chance to prototype something. Woo hoo!


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Jerome received zip-ties in his stocking at Christmas. They’ve been awesome for all sorts of things throughout the year.


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