Oddly, all at once

February 18, 2014


….well, at least ‘close to the same time’. In the past week, the lightbulbs have burned out in the upstairs bathroom fan/light and also above the stove. (My closet light burned out about a month ago.) The batteries have given out in: the thermostat, my computer keyboard, the keyboard at school, and remember the crummy batteries I just bought at Harbor Freight.

It’s the sign of end times, I’m sure of it.

In other news, another of Sunday’s purchases has turned out to be a bust. I bought a case for one of the teacher’s iPad Air that doesn’t work. It was an Open Box Buy at Best Buy and I was so happy that it was only $32! Well, that’s because they didn’t make a hole for the camera. Who does that? Isn’t the whole point of an iPad is to have a giant camera?

That’s all from here. Hopefully I’ll be home when there is some light outside tomorrow so I can show you the final Home Depot purchase. Don’t get excited – it ain’t all that.

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2 Responses to “Oddly, all at once”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Was there some kind of electromagnetic pulse at your house?


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Well, I guess it was bound to happen … living with a tech Master & all. I had to reread the paragraph about the iPad Air (which I don’t even know what that is…the Air part…I’ll have to look that up). Congratulations on your new techy status…you have trained hard & well!


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