Some adorable mistakes

February 2, 2015


Not many children came to the CDC today, which was good. I’m glad most families decided to stay home. Most of our staff stayed home, too, and I stayed with my children until the end of the day. Around 5, I caved and turned on the tv, firing up an episode of Blue’s Clues and letting the little girls ‘paint’ my hair with dry paintbrushes. (Purple with pink stripes, if you must know.)

One of the girls looked at the letter Steve had received and said, “Dat’s him’s iPad.” She then returned her attention to my hair striping and inquired, “Did you get your ears pinched?” I said I did, but that I don’t wear earrings anymore.

Back to the hair striping, child.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Awww… I like these. And it’s funny to see how TV’s representation of technology has changed. Episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation are interesting for this.


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