Golden Touch

June 4, 2019


Whew. This could be a long, boring story or a short boring story. Let’s see how it goes.

We are hosting an Open House on Sunday for the early childhood conference. People are coming to see our beautiful, inspirational building, and instead they are going to get to see how my room looks in the summer. I normally have artwork hanging in the windows to the hallway, but currently those windows are full of reminder to parents to bring nap stuff, call us if they will be late or absent, blah blah blah. I am not likely to take all that down for one day, but I would like to have the children’s artwork up.

I don’t do crafts. Those irritate me to no end. Instead, I have scrap paper, cardboard, and an endless supply of cheap masking tape. My kids make crazy weird stuff and I love it. When they gift a treasure to me, I thank them and ask them to stick it somewhere on the cabinet doors – with masking tape.

I have some empty cardboard frames, and after we swirled Elmer’s glue all over them and let them dry, today I spray painted them gold. We’ll stick these on the cabinets and they can change out their masterpieces to their heart’s content, and it will look a little less random than my normal world.

As I’ve always said, everything is cooler when it’s painted gold.

I forgot to take a photo until it was almost over.

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2 Responses to “Golden Touch”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I was just talking with a co-worker today and saying that during my Art period, almost everything we do is crafts. Origami, duct tape art, string art…

    Maybe I should just give them some paper, cardboard, and masking tape and see what they come up with.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I am not opposed to crafts in all forms. When you are teaching a skill, like Origami, it’s totally appropriate. They learn the skill, then they can go off and do their own thing if they want. My beef is with having a display in an early childhood classroom where everything looks the same and it is obvious that the teacher spent most of the time doing the work. “That’s so cute!” Barf. My children’s art is thought-provoking. “Wow…… tell me about …. this……butterfly?” “It’s a train!” 😉


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