Again with the sink….

September 11, 2019


There’s a funny story that Lloyd needs to tell, but he fell asleep on the sofa. Let’s talk about that laundry sink again. I know you’re dying to hear more.

Today I took my jigsaw to school, and as a reward for getting through the day, I cut into that sink.

Now, all four legs are attached and the entire sink is easily tipped out of the mop sink when it needs to be removed. (Which will not happen for years. Nobody mops down there.)

I stocked it with some hotel soaps from our storeroom that were ancient when I took the job twenty-*cough* years ago, and some of the towels given to us by a lady who works for Holiday Inn. (Did you know that when their towels are old, they have to get rid of them?) I am calling this job 99% done.

Also, I zip-tied the hose from the dehumidifier to the floor drain. I made a pretty big mess cutting into that plastic sink, but I couldn’t sweep it up because I bumped that hose and spilled water everywhere. Let’s hear it for zip-ties!

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2 Responses to “Again with the sink….”

  1. Sherri L Jesgarz Said on:

    Zip-ties are one of my FAVORITE tools…that and that velcro tie wrap stuff that goes great around cords!


  2. Debbie Said on:

    Yes, zip ties are the bomb! I must say, i’m a little jealous of your jigsaw usage! Way to go! I love power tools as well.


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