Weekend wrap-up

October 20, 2019


It was a pretty nice weekend. On Friday night I rented a movie and promptly fell asleep 20 minutes into it.

Saturday morning I had council fire, then made Lloyd go with me to Lincoln. We ran a bunch of errands, and out last stop was a thrift store. I picked up an odd round zippered bag and we played “Guess what’s inside?”

To delay the revealing photo, I want to tell you about Lloyd’s hand burritos. A couple of months ago we were in Lincoln and I was hungry. We passed by a food truck and thought, “What the heck?” They had no identifying sign, but the guy in the truck said they sold healthy grilled chicken. We said, “Sure!”, handed over some money and took our bag of food.

We decided to eat in a park. We sat down at a table, opened up the bag and took out a container of grilled chicken, a packet of tortillas, a bowl of rice and a bowl of beans. No napkins. No silverware.

It was pretty funny. I tore off pieces of tortilla to scoop up rice and beans and ate that with a bite of chicken, but Lloyd just scooped up rice and beans with his hand and made burritos that way. I applauded his ….. ingenuity?

Anyway, with our new thrift store purchase, hand tacos will be a thing of the past.

Yep. That’s a cheese board on top of those plates. I am ready for fancy dining at the drop of a hat!

The other weekend thing was that I slept almost all night outside in a hammock. It has been rather warm, and was only supposed to get down to 45 degrees, so it seemed like the time to try it.

Hammock sleepers used an underquilt to stay warm – a down quilt that is suspended underneath to provide insulation. I made do by hanging two hammocks and putting a down blanket between them. Then I loaded up with three sweatpants and four shirts and a big blanket,

It was ok. I made Lloyd sleep in the adjoining guest room so he could save me when the squirrels attacked me, but I was ok. The annoying things were all the unexpected noises: trains, cars, and my neighbors who were talking until late. I made it until 2:45 and then went inside. I don’t mind the hammock but my shoulders get uncomfortable. Now I know, and will not try this out in the woods.

Sunday? Well, I slept a bunch. That’s about it.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Dang it, I had a guess in my head, but when I saw what it really was, the guess evaporated. Now I don’t even remember what it was. Hand tacos? Awesome! He could just say he’s Indian (from India). They eat with their hands. Lloyd could pass for someone in the northern regions.


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