Sassy, Southern and Saved

December 22, 2019


My Aunt Marcy went to be with Jesus yesterday. She was my mother’s younger sister and had been battling Alzheimer’s for ten years. My cousin wrote last week that she had been stopping by the house every morning to help Marcy do her hair and makeup, but that morning she said that she just wanted to go home.

My Uncle Rich is a rock. He has been taking care of her for all this time, and my heart both breaks for him and rejoices in what a caring, Christian husband he was for her.

Marcy…. well, Marcy was something else. She taught high school for many years. If you know me, you already know my story of how she would greet her ‘Sweathogs’ – the at-risk high school students she taught. She would say, “I’d walk into the room in my beautiful dress, my gorgeous hair, and in my lovely handwriting, I would write every single dirty word in the book up on the chalkboard. You should have seen their jaws drop when they’d see F-*-C-K in my gorgeous cursive. Then I’d turn around and say, “I know them all. You can’t surprise me and you can’t shock me. If you can teach me something new, then you can say it. Otherwise, we don’t need these. Agreed?” They agreed.” Their respect was earned. She said they grew to love her and her classroom, where she played classical music each day.

She was witty and wickedly funny. She loved many and was loved by many, as well. Her main legacy will be how she came out of retirement to serve as acting principal of her church’s school for three years – without pay – to help revitalize the school. My family has lots of big hearts like that.

But to me, she was my funny, silly crazy aunt. I am so glad that she got to wake up from her foggy past and see Jesus on Sunday, but she will be missed here. Prayers for my family, especially my mom, would be welcome.

Thanks, guys.

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  1. Deborah Said on:

    I am praying for your family.


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Well written, Lauren!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    God’s peace to your family.


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