Exhausting fun.

February 8, 2020


Yes, we are in Maui. I’d like to share all the details but I’ve been awake a very long time and am beat. I may be up early enough to update this later. No, wait, it will be later in the morning for you. We’ll just see how this goes. Maybe Lloyd will upload some photos. I have to go to sleep.

ok, I’m up now. Typing on an iPad is a pain, so there might be plenty of typos, but bear with me.

Way back in January, Brad’s mom and I dropped him off at the airport. While driving home, she mentioned that it would be so funny if a bunch of us could surprise him for his 50th, and I mentioned that I’d actually thought about that. She was thrilled, and a plan was hatched!

For the past five weeks there has been a lot of deceitfulness. Tickets were purchased, a car and condo were rented, and I went to the doctor to ask about getting some ocean phobia medication (alprazolam, I believe it’s called). One of our Nebraska party got sick and couldn’t come along. Sorry, Curt. 🙁

The flight was bearable and I was completely unconscious for most of the trip over the ocean. We did not all have seats together, but Samith’s was right over the wing with no view, so we switched. Perfect.

Brad was thoroughly surprised! It was great seeing his classroom, which preciously only existed on the internet! We went out for dinner, and it was SO rainy that we all got soaked.

In the morning, all the Nebraska crew was up before 4 a.m., so we met up for a sunrise beach walk. I was incredibly brave, but to be fair – I still had drugs in my system.

I may finish this, I may not. This is a place holder.

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4 Responses to “Exhausting fun.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I was soooo surprised! I can’t believe you’re here. Lauren in Maui? Inconceivable!


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Let the adventures begin!!!


  3. Jill Said on:

    I’m so excited you guys were able to go! Beth kept me in the “secret” loop. So sad for Curt, though!! Hope everyone made it home safely and is recovering from the jet lag.


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