I just love shelves!

May 21, 2020


One blessing from this whole COVID mess is that little jobs around the Center that have made me grumble for months or years are finally getting some attention. I don’t have photos of all the projects, but I’ve put up some shelving from Home Depot and Sam’s Club. (Also, I just want to say how store pickup service makes me feel like royalty.) I worked in the basement the past two afternoons.

First shelving project: the church brought over some old records and stuff from when they cleared out some cabinets. It’s all been in a pile, but now it’s on…… shelves!

Then, my director, who I love, brought many tubs of stuff from her previous teaching/director/principal job. I put two shelves together to make three sections, but….. it’s not enough. Who needs to buy more shelving? Me!

Her tubs are way to the right in the top photo.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Seeing someone else’s stuff piled up like that makes me want to go through my things and get rid of some of it. But that’s so much work. Ugh. Maybe next week…


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