A delicious disaster

May 25, 2020


I reaSomewhere online I read people’s replies to, “What recipe have you made during this pandemic that you’ll keep in your regular rotation?” Someone said that they take leftover mashed potatoes, mix them with an egg and some cheese, then cook them in a waffle iron. That sounded fascinating!

I made potatoes specifically for this. I never make mashed potatoes, so there are no ‘leftovers’. Funny fact: when I took this photo, I did not yet realize that the potatoes were not fully cooked. I microwaved them once I figured that out. (I had my reasons for boiling them whole, and we’ll just leave it at that.)

Ok, I finally got them mashed and mixed, and even added some roasted garlic, then I loaded way too much in the waffle iron. (That was my second mistake.)

The green light that signals ‘done’ was taking much, much longer than it does with regular waffles, so I decided to take a peek. (Third mistake.)

Er, nope. I scraped it out, but saved it for eating later. It was just ugly, not inedible.

For the second round, I used less potato mixture and left it in until the green light came on.

There we go.

We ate them with turkey and gravy, and dang if it wasn’t good.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    That’s awesome! They look really good.


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