Like a lifeguard.

June 3, 2020


We are using a bleach solution for much of our sanitizing, since we are doing even more cleaning than we usually do, bleach solution is pretty safe to use around kids. The trouble is that it has to be mixed up daily since it breaks down quickly.

I told everyone I would do the daily mixing, since I am lazy, and therefore: efficient. There’s a cart that lives in the workroom that’s has all the supplies: bottles, a jug and a board. The bleach is in a locked cabinet, because people can’t be trusted.

Mixing jug is notched so that I can put it on the board right up against the faucet, turn it on and pour in the bleach. It mixes right up, I dispense it and put it all away for the next day.

We go through a lot of spray. I smell like I’ve been at the pool all day and I’m pretty sure That by the end of this, the front of my clothes are going to be a different color from the back

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  1. Brad Said on:

    My school’s summer program director was looking for alcohol to sanitize things with, but couldn’t find any, so they’ll be using bleach as well.


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