Busy weekend, stupid technology, foolish children

August 3, 2020


There was a lot going on this weekend, and I’d like to make a post about graduation parties, but my photos won’t upload. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow.

instead, let me share with you how moments of my day go. Let me just say that if you haven’t watched the commercials where the man is helping young people not turn into their parents, you should watch it.

I am this man. Endlessly keeping his cool and stating the obvious. Endlessly. Endlessly. Speaking like a logical robot keeps me from shouting to the heavens. Picture it: breakfast. Six children are eating cereal.

B. There’s such a thing as dragons. It’s called a kimono dragon.

Me. Yes, there is a big lizard called a Komodo dragon.

M. That’s not so. Mrs. Sommerer, are there real dragons?

Me. Yes, there is a big lizard called a Komodo dragon. It doesn’t have wings or breathe fire, but it’s called a Komodo dragon.

C. But can it fly?

Me. It doesn’t have wings. It can’t fly. It is a real, big lizard that has the name ‘Komodo dragon’.

M. But it’s not real, right?

Me. There is a real, very large lizard called a Komodo dragon that cannot fly, doesn’t have wings, and does not breathe fire. Dragons in stories are pretend. This animal is real.

C. ……. can it fly?

Me. It cannot fly. It doesn’t have wings. It walks like a regular lizard. It just has ‘dragon’ in its name. ‘Komodo dragon’.

W. Is that dragon a real flying dragon?

Me. Chomps cereal unnecessarily hard

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Hahaha! I’ve seen that commercial. I love it!
    “…we all see it…” Hahah!


  2. Deborah Said on:



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