Concrete Sunday, Part Two: Dry

November 11, 2020


So, that shed is going to be delivered in a few weeks, but I’m not sure when. We listed the old shed again for ‘free’ on Seward Swap, but nobody wants that hunk o’junk.

The new shed is two feet longer than the old one, and even though it is on skids and this will not matter too much, Lloyd wanted to get the front area ready. There’s already a small square of concrete, but apparently the skids might just miss the sides of it, so he wanted put down some pavers. While I was making those homemade Runzas, Lloyd was cutting away sod.

After we ate, I drove to Menard’s – dressed like a homeless person – and bought 12 pavers and not enough sand. Oh, and I hit a pallet of bricks with the car while loading. Lloyd doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t actually read this site anymore, so I’m not worried about him finding out.

I brought the stuff home and we set about working. I just have to say that working under a giant oak tree under 40 – 50 mile-per-hour gusts was among the top ten stupid things I’ve ever done.

We called for backup. Gracen has much more experience with this type of thing and can smack a paver level faster than you can say, ‘paver level’.

We finished just before some sprinkling rain came, and it turned out just fine. This weekend, I think we’re chopping up a shed.

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One Response to “Concrete Sunday, Part Two: Dry”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Surely there is some way that fire can be involved in the dismantling of the old shed. …or just let fire do the whole job? It would be pretty efficient. But it might catch your tree of fire. Maybe it’s a bad idea.

    The paver extension looks great!


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