Parent-teacher conferences: check

November 20, 2020


Last night was my last round of parent-teacher conferences. This year they were via Zoom, which was both awkward and nice. I didn’t have to worry about whether my breath was bad or how much I fidget, so that was a plus.

This is in the Concordia classroom.

I don’t know – would I choose to do them this way again? That’s food for thought….

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5 Responses to “Parent-teacher conferences: check”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Well, hello, Mrs. Sommerer! How nice to see you!

    What is that painting behind you?


  2. Brad Said on:

    Did they leave their cameras on, or did they turn them off and say they weren’t working? That’s what my students always said when we did zoom.


  3. Karla Said on:

    I’ve had a dumpster fire as my background for about a month. People at work appreciate it.


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