Hilarious adrenaline

December 18, 2020


Happy Birthday, Elaine Royuk! You’re the sweet middle to our birthday Oreo!

My days are so weird. On the face of it, it looks like it should be easy. The teaching part is pretty easy for me, but the surrounding activity is full of variety, problem-solving and a fair amount of adrenaline. Let’s take Thursday, for example.

I need to be at work at 6:30 to open the playground gates for the early arrivals and then mix up the bleach solution for sanitizing. At 6:29, Lloyd and I were already running late when he realized he needed to gather some Marxhausen things from the house. That set us back. I was going to ignore my birthday but a co-worker was also having hers. I looked around for the “Happy Birthday” banner, but it was already hanging above my door! I moved it to the other teacher’s door. While mixing the bleach, I took a couple of phone calls that involved running around the building. Then, a box of frozen bread dough (a fundraiser item) was discovered in a classroom where it had been left overnight and thawed. Dang it. I worked on figuring out how to replace the ruined items. Then, my friend Kate brought the birthday banner back to my door, which cracked me right up and I took it back. Another coworker told me that she is suspicious that someone is getting into her classroom after hours and messing with her stuff. I will bring the Cat Camera so we can figure it out.

Then it was 7:00. 25 minutes that wiped me right out.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    That morning adrenaline really gets you going. It’s better than coffee!


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