Busy-ness and shed sorrow

March 14, 2021


By Friday night I was pretty wiped out. Lloyd had mentioned earlier in the week that he would not be opposed to camping in the shed, but I was too tired to try and set anything up.

Saturday morning I was up at 5. I made a quick fire and then planned to get to Lincoln and back before the big rains hit. Lloyd came along, and we spent too much time running too many errands, then we came back to move the art around in the basement of the center (another post). By the time we got home, I told him he was off the hook for camping, but when I went out to set up my cot, I found the saddest thing….. a leak!

My window was leaking! I did a bunch of stuff to try and stop it – I screwed some plastic over the window outside and tried smearing some caulk around lots of places, but that doesn’t work really well in a rainstorm. Quite discouraged, I didn’t camp Saturday night, either.

After church on Sunday, we went back to the center for a little more art shuffling and for me to observe Lake Sandbox, which will need to be siphoned after the rains quit.

Back at home, I went to check the other window, which I thought was not leaking, and discovered that I was very, very wrong. All the garbage insulation on that side had just soaked it up. There was an actual drip coming from the top of the window, so I cobbled a thing together to divert it into a bucket.

It has caught a fair amount of water.

(It’s about half full.)

Lloyd’s going to contact the company. As we look at the profile of the shed, they put the roof on wrong. There is supposed to be a little overhang on that side and there isn’t. There super isn’t.

We’ve had sooooo much rain. As I write this, I think we’ve had 4 inches of rain with more to come. The wind has whipped around a fair amount. A significant branch (not a giant one – 6 feet and 3-inch diameter?) fell on the shed roof when I was dealing with the water and scared the bejeebees out of me. Lots of branches are down all over town, and a third of a neighbor’s tree. The bulldozer in the street is what alerted us to that situation.

All in all, it has been a bit of a weekend. I think I’m ready for the week to begin.

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6 Responses to “Busy-ness and shed sorrow”

  1. Beth Said on:

    The wind was terrible. We had one big branch fall down from the tree in front of our house… Right on Eddie’s windshield. Smashed it. (Eddie is Daughter Tara’s adorable blue 2006 Equinox…)
    I suppose that’s better than his smashing his hood, but it’s a little bit of a bummer that now I have to replace that his windshield!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Wow. This has been The Winter Of Crazy Weather for you guys. Hopefully there won’t be some other weird development as spring approaches.


  3. Deborah Said on:

    Rats! The shed company better come through. Rats!

    And Rats! So sorry about the windshield. Rats!

    My neighbor measured 4.75 inches for the weekend. I showed my 3rd graders some of the red mud on the ground from the dirt that blew up from Texas/Oklahoma and came down in the “mud rain” on Monday. So weird.


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