Workin’ away

August 10, 2021


We have three work days before the new year begins. Five, if you count the weekend (which I do – I spent time at work on Saturday and Sunday).

Yesterday was pretty productive. I got a couple of hours in before our meetings and then after lunch all the staff went to the basement to make decisions and throw away/donate items. It was great having everyone there, and SO much is going away. We even called the trash guys to come pick up a dumpster load so we could throw away more. (We have so much crap.)

Today is more meetings, more work and renewing my CPR. Woo-hoo.

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One Response to “Workin’ away”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Oh, that feels so good to purge stuff. I did a little of that with my classroom before school started. Honestly though, there is more. I always say to myself: “This could be useful for SOMEthing” …and then it gathers more dust and becomes more useless.


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