House jobs and a sick boy

October 31, 2021


Lloyd got sick this week. He came home on Wednesday with a fever, stayed home Thursday, felt better on Friday (no fever) and worked half a day, then came home and has been a blob since. Luckily, I remembered that when he is sick he breaks out in night sweats, so we wisely doubled up the bedding with a big towel underneath. Sure enough, last night he woke up and put his sheets in the washer. (Brad, I’ve been sleeping in your room.)

Anyway, since he’s kind of useless right now, I’ve been doing some jobs around the house. The new chairs arrived, which involved a lot of shuffling, and I have a plan for re-doing the front entry so the closet door can actually open. I’ll leave you on that cliffhanger and update you later this week. I’m off to watch church online so I don’t carry Lloyd’s grossness to the people.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I have night sweats when I’m sick too. But it hasn’t happened for a long time. It’s nice that parents have been keeping their kids home from school whenever they get sick. I hope it continues after this pandemic stuff is over.


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