Naptime Coffee

November 12, 2021


Over the years, I have really cut down on the amount of pop I drink. It’s probably only a can a week. Lauren of the Past would faint if she heard that number, but coffee is what has changed that. It’s cheaper, and (most likely) has fewer calories.

When I bought that little coffee maker, I didn’t know if I’d have a use for it, but it turns out that I do… 1:00 in the afternoon to make some instant coffee. I’ve stashed it in the dresser in the bathroom where we keep extra stuff for the kids.

I moved the ‘sheets’ to the ‘pillows’ drawer, and now I have the coffee maker, a bunch of coffee packets, a little jar of hot chocolate to improve the taste of the weird coffee, and a spoon.

After most of the children are asleep (a task in itself), I go into the dark bathroom, get everything ready, start the machine and then leave it alone. I shut the door because that little thing sounds like an asthmatic gnome while it’s making the hot water. Five minutes later, I stir up a cup o’ Joe and have five minutes of peace to myself before we all start to get up.

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3 Responses to “Naptime Coffee”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Mmmmm… bathroom coffee …


  2. Brad Said on:

    The coffee maker in my classroom makes an excellent air freshener. I don’t have a set time to use it though. I take more than a day to drink a pot of coffee, so sometimes it’s yesterday’s old cold coffee.


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