One a day

January 18, 2022


Wordle. I’ve only played it three days, and I’m not great at it, but it’s fun! You get six chances to guess the day’s word. If a letter appears orange/brown, it is somewhere in the actual word. If the letter is green, it is in the correct spot in the actual word. If it is grey, it does not appear in the word. You have to use real words as your guess.

It’s pretty fun. :). The whole world is playing, though, so when you find out the word, don’t tell! (Some people on Facebook unknowingly let a clue slip yesterday.)

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2 Responses to “One a day”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Bookface is blowing up over this game. I’ve not jumped on the wagon yet.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I point to proof of how proud I was to prowl through my mental prose to guess the word prong, but it wasn’t correct.


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