Who am I?

January 25, 2022


I believe when the story left off, Lloyd and I had just had lunch with his brother Aaron in Jefferson City. After that I drove us to Kansas City, while we struggled to stay awake. On the way, Lloyd booked a hotel, and we went in to crash for a little while before going to IKEA.

We made it to IKEA at about 6:15. The plan was to eat at the restaurant and then look around. )This would be trip one, with the second walk-through on Sunday.) When we got inside, Lloyd said it wasn’t important to him to have Swedish meatballs, so he just started looking around. I was still kind of tired from the trip and my eyeballs were jumping around so it was hard to look at things. As we walked around, I realized that we really didn’t need anything except the items I was there for: down comforters. It was a little sad not being inspired by all the awesome stuff, but we were really tired.

When we got to the ‘blanket’ area, they were more than I was expecting to pay, and I was expecting to pay a lot for them. I hemmed and hawed for a good long time and then realized it was better just to just pony up the money and get it done. I love the down comforters that we have, and the queen size comforter that I Frankensteined into pieces for the guestroom really doesn’t work. (I can’t find the past post. ) So, we bought them and were out within an hour. That is some kind of record! We didn’t go back on Sunday, either. Who am I……?

in the morning, we took our time making our way home. We drove around the city of Saint Joseph for a while. That’s where I was born so it has special meaning to me, I guess. We drove around the historic downtown area that is so, so hilly! Then we drove home through Kansas, which was interesting and different.

all in all, a very good trip.

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2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Saint Joseph has the Stetson hat outlet! I love that place!


  2. Mom Said on:

    Sounds like a good trip. Glad you got what you went for.


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