The unfortunate consistency of wallpaper glue

November 5, 2006

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******** Warning:  This post is disgusting. **************



********No, really - I use gross words and have a horrible picture! **********



****** Ok, Sicko.  Read on. ***************


I have some serious texture issues.  At work, I don’t have much of a problem dealing with most fluids that come out of children (pee, vomit, poop, blood), but not *shudder* – snot.  Snot is so, so much grosser.   The sliminess of mucus just about makes me hurl. 

Anyway, I know you’ve been wondering about the bathroom progress, well this is what’s been holding it up:



       The snot-like texture of wallpaper glue!!!! You have to get all the glue off the wall or when you paint, the roller will skid like it’s on an ice rink.  (I learned that the hard way in the upstairs bathroom when I didn’t get the glue off.)  So I’ve been scraping the *shudder* mucus glue with my scraper, then *shudder* wiping the blade with a paper towel.   *shudder shudder*  This is why I can only work a few minutes at a time. 

However, it’s paying off.  Here’s a picture of some progress:

Where have all the flowers gone?  Long time passing

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3 Responses to “The unfortunate consistency of wallpaper glue”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Would it help to mix suphedrine in with the stripper? I know that always dries my mucous. But it makes me jittery and I can’t sleep at night when I take it, so you’ll have to weigh those consequenses into the equation. I don’t know if you’d want a jittery bathroom that can’t sleep.


    • Beth Said on:

      Do you really think strippers take suphedrine? I mean they need to be all shiny for professional reasons, seems like mixing with suphedrine would be an occupational hazard.


  2. christina Said on:

    When you are done scraping, you need to wash the walls down with stuff that will remove the residue glue (the stuff you really can’t see) Ask someone at the hardware store. If you don’t, the new paint will just sluff off the wall even after it looks like it is dry. (I learned this with the hall in our old house)


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