He’s good!

May 21, 2007

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Thanks, God!!!  And thanks to everybody for their prayers and, of course, funny comments that kept this whole process light.  Lloyd went to the cardiologist today for an echocardiogram, and everything looks good!  They said he could stop taking his medicines, start moving around more – perhaps even exercising in a week or so, and we can stop freaking out about salt so much.  (We are actually in disagreement about what we heard the doctor say – I think we are still supposed to be conscious about it,  Lloyd thinks he could eat a salt sandwich with a side of salt.)  The down side is that he’s not golden anymore – no getting out of stuff like walking, or lifting, or cleaning…

We are so grateful to all the people who helped him get better, and all was well….. until we got the bill.  (See photo.)

You want HOW much money?!?!

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10 Responses to “He’s good!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Yay! Congratulations!
    (except for the not being golden part)

    Enjoy your salt sandwich. Actually, SPAM is really quite salty. I think a SPAM sandwich could easily be called a salt sandwich. SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM…


  2. Annette Said on:

    Thanks, God, for blogs! Now I know you aren’t dead, and you can disregard my two missed calls! Now if Tyler would just call me back I wouldn’t worry about him being dead either! Stupid dead people.
    BTW--Good news Lloyd!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    And as far as I’m concerned there’s only one dipping sauce for food … salt!
    (BTW: I LOVE this picture!)


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Thank God for Concordia Health Plans! And thanks, God, for the improvement. We are happy, too!


  5. Karla Said on:

    Congratulations on the good news; sorry for the new reality of your life. Did you stock up on rubber gloves while you were there? I see a full box in the background, just begging to go home with you.


  6. Mom Said on:

    That’s the best news we’ve had in a while. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to move around again! Your a work in progress, God answers prayers.


  7. Aunt Lolly Said on:

    We are so happy that you are well,We love you so much. Uncle Ralph and Aunt Lolly Thank you Jesus


  8. Aunt Ruth Said on:

    Hi, Guys,
    First time reading your site--now I have to forget how to open it, or I won’t get anything else done. I spend too much time now looking up sites on Iraq. This one is better!
    Lloyd, I’m so thankful to hear that things are going well. God indeed is good! Did Lauren wait on you hand and foot? And is she demanding payback? I can help her think of a few things that would be nice, if she needs some ideas. 🙂 Stay well, now! Love you both, Aunt Ruth


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