Project Interrupted?

May 26, 2009

Lloyd, School

Having tied Lauren up in the basement, I went to school where I noticed the white piece while I was taking a short break in the faculty restroom. I believe we called this an “upsidedown 2×3 slanty” piece (I’m sure Sam will correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t know what the construction project is, but the location struck me as odd, so I took a picture.

Then, when I was fully rested, I returned to the Macintosh Lab to discover this piece on the floor. Coincidence?

Fearing a trap, I did not attempt to move the piece.

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Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

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13 Responses to “Project Interrupted?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe Hansel got a clue and was using Legos instead of bread crumbs. I mean really, who would leave a trail of bread crumbs and think they’d stay there?


  2. Lauren Said on:

    (Muffled pounding) Let me out! I want to post again!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Somebody obviously has a hole in their pocket.


  4. Rae Said on:

    Speaking from experience, these are very valuable to whom ever dropped them. Is there something you really want, Lloyd? Hold them for ransom and demand your price. Or threaten to clean them up with a vacuum -- the ‘dropper’ will respond IMMEDIATELY!


  5. Gretchen Said on:

    Someone is out to get you, Lloyd, especially if you ever walk around school with bare feet. Have you ever stepped on a lego with bare feet? YOWWWWWW!


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