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About Lloyd

Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

1897 vs. 2021

October 8, 2021


Lincoln map
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Family Tree

June 15, 2021



About a decade ago we went to the Nebraska Sommerer’s family reunion. We only knew two people there before hand, but we met a lot of nice people, including Jordan Larson‘s mom, Kae. It’s nice to be related to someone famous other than Lauren. We’ve since gone back to the reunion several times, and each […]

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I inconvenienced a deer

November 16, 2020



Wednesday morning, right outside of Seward, by the parade of flags, I noticed a deer on the other side of the road headed away from me. I let up on the gas and then noticed the other deer on the shoulder moving toward me. I did two things next, and I think one of them […]

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The one where Lloyd got “scammed” (part 3)

February 7, 2020



We decided to take the $2,000 and the 5 personal days and flee before the FBI caught up with us.

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The one where Lloyd gets “scammed” (part 2)

February 5, 2020



Part 2: Where the scammer reviews the Super Bowl halftime show and uses the FBI to blackmails me. When we left off, I had a pile of cash from Mr. Heibel’s safe, $300 in ebay gift cards, and $500 in Steam gift cards. As before, it’s interesting to note the times of each response. You can […]

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The one where Lloyd gets “scammed”

February 3, 2020


Lauren here. Lloyd actually wrote this post. He spent most of the afternoon and evening going back-and-forth with a spammer who was pretending to be his principal. Lloyd spent a good long time transferring the email text into this website, but after reading it, I see he missed some parts – asking if Northwest High […]

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