Pop Tart Pie

I had a flash of inspiration that will never come to fruition. When faced with a stressful situation, I find that a good coping mechanism is daydreaming. I had some stress a while ago, and the idea of Pop Tart Pie was born.

It’s construction should be exceedingly simple: a regular pie, but with some fantastically complementary second flavor stashed under a secret bottom crust, like so:

A flaky crust is key.

The problems were insurmountable, though. I either didn’t have time to goof around with it, or had the time but was too tired to try. This weekend, though, I had some time and was conscious. The problem – no pie stuff. I decided to make do and try a test run – a peach pie (made with canned peaches) with a brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tart-style bottom. It didn’t matter what it would taste like, since I wasn’t going to eat it. Peach pie = yuck. This was purely for science.

So, parts assembled: Pie crust made – check. Canned peaches turned into semblance of filling – check. Brown sugar & cinnamon mixed – check. Sandwiched in bottom layer – check.

Bu-bye, lil's sugar bits.

This test was made in a cereal bowl because you only get two peaches in one can, and that won’t fill a pie pan. The crust was ugly and made in typical fold-over fashion.

Bake bake bake. Cool cool cool. Slice slice.


It’s a good thing I didn’t have my heart set on eating this, because you know what I had? A peach pie with a layer of raw dough in the middle. Blechh! I almost barfed just looking at it.

So, if I ever give this a second go – or if you want to give this a go and just send me a picture so I can pretend I did it – this would have to involve some sort of ‘blind-baking’ of the crust (to keep all layers crispy) and then filling it with some no-bake style pie. I’m thinking a Nutella pop-tart with a French Silk filling sounds good, but I’m sure not going to get around to doing it.

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11 Responses to “Pop Tart Pie”

  1. Keren Lowell Said on:

    What about just pre-baking the layer in between the yummy goodness on top and the deliciousness underneath before the elements are assembled, THEN baking the whole shebang? I would eat that. Oh yes, I would.


  2. Brad Said on:

    How about just using Pop Tarts?


  3. Beth Said on:

    So. What’s the problem? I like dough.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    The outer crust IS light and flaky. You would have to pre-bake the crust. Yup, that’s it.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Don’t give up…you’re so close! I too would say to stuff the bottom & bake with the secret crust for about 10 minutes 1st, just until it gets a little golden…then add the fruit & top crust. When I make an apple crisp I bake the bottom crust (but I make the crust from scratch, I don’t know if that matters) for 10-12 minutes, add the apple & crumbly topping & continue baking. YOU CAN DO IT!


  6. Maggie Mason Said on:

    You know what has to happen? Maple pecan pie with a secret layer of crumbled bacon. That needs to exist.


  7. Beth Said on:

    And now that bacon has been suggested, I suspect you, Lauren, will continue in this quest…


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