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October 16, 2006


Ajax Comments 2.0 is just a neat little plugin that allows people to comment without reloading the whole page. AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, and is the a catch all for the cool websites that update information without reloading the page. I don’t know if this plugin will play well with some others that I want to install and it will be the first to go if there seems to be a problem, but it is cool.

Rather than trying to describe it, just go ahead and add a comment and you’ll see.


Sure enough, the next plugin I installed wasn’t compatible with this one. It didn’t break anything, but it doesn’t do anything neat now either. Oh well.


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3 Responses to “AJAX Comments plugin”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I noticed the seamless comment adding… It’s a nice feature.


  2. Leroy Brown Said on:

    I cannot for the life of me, get this plugin to work. No errors, it just doesn’t use AJAX. I’m lost ;(


    • Lloyd Said on:

      I don’t have any good tips. It just worked (as I recall) when I installed it. But it quit working right away when I added the threaded comments plugin, and threaded beat out AJAX in my book. I didn’t want to take the time to try to get them to work together. You’ve probably tried these, but just in case someone else ever reads this, here are the things I would try:

      • Different browser (maybe the ajax is problematic)
      • Different theme (maybe comments.php is strange)
      • Disable other plugins (this one bit me not too long ago)
      • Reupload the plugin (wrong ftp mode?)
      • Check for latest release of plugin


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