A fine, fine day

May 5, 2007


Our Saturday was spent with the Royuks and Pesters, and it was a very fine day.  Brad and Beth did some surprise yardwork for their mom (I won’t spoil their telling of the story, though), then Harold and Beth did some yard work at their house, and then their Mom & Dad made a delicious dinner for all.  Lloyd was around for these activities, but we made sure he kept his heart rate down.  The most work we allowed him to do was push Tara on the swing, which he did well.  All in all – a fine, fine day!

It's bad form to use children as weapons.

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2 Responses to “A fine, fine day”

  1. Michele Said on:

    Lloyd -- it’s great to see you out of a hospital gown and back in your wild shirts!
    Brad -- you look quite relaxed and in that lush green grass. I’m a wee bit jealous as I sit here past midnight recording quiz grades!
    Tara -- give your Uncle Brad a good kick in the jaws for me!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    You’re ALL invited to my house for a delicious meal as well …. to be served right after the gardening is complete. BYOT (bring your own tools)

    (I’ve always been told it’s not nice to kick a man when he’s down … but it sure looks fun!!!)

    By the way, glad you’s had a fine, fine day, in May, during Brad’s stay, okay … hey, yah … pay … fay …. ayy !!!


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