Tiny Frozen Things

May 21, 2008

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So I’ll admit, I’ve become a little jar-obsessed. The apple pies in little jars were fun, but let’s face it – I’m not gifted at making pies. Plus it’s getting hot outside and pretty soon it’ll even be too hot to bake bread.

Frozen. Frozen is where it’s at.

I found a recipe for Mudslide Pie, and with a little adaption and some bad math, these were sent to the freezer last month:

Rich like Richie Rich.

Cute, but too rich. They have a sour cream/melted chocolate layer on top of the crust, and next time I think I’d skip that part and just put the chocolate whipped cream in and call it good.

These were the latest creation: strawberry ‘cheesecakes’. No recipe, I just mashed half a block of cream cheese with some sugar and lemon juice until it tasted right and added some sweetened whipped cream. The topping is diced strawberries, sugar, and some of Lloyd’s mom strawberry jam.

Ready for eating!

The best part? No baking! Just eat straight from the freezer! The next best part? These jars are even smaller than the pie jars! Four ounces instead of eight. When I want something dessert-y I just want a little bit, so this works out pretty well. The worst part? My twenty year high school reunion is coming up and my eating habits are slowly declining. Maybe I should take up jogging.

That’s the pie jar on the left.

Heaven help me if I find a two-ounce jar.

UPDATE: Dang it, Applebee’s! Quit stealing my ideas! (This just came in the mail – these are tiny desserts called ‘shooters’.)

Where’s the lid, huh?

SECOND UPDATE: A faster way to make frozen cheesecake, sandwich-style – HERE.

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25 Responses to “Tiny Frozen Things”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    Cute and clever! They’d be good to have on hand for an impromptu party.


  2. Brad Said on:

    You should work on making things besides dessert in those jars. Maybe you could develp whole meals that would be eaten out of a succession of jars. You’d be eating like an astronaut!


  3. Deanne Said on:

    The walking is all you need--10,000 steps.


    • Beth Said on:

      Not to be the little black rain cloud…but getting 10,000 steps is almost crazy unless you actually have an exercise regimen.
      When I was teaching middle school and on my feet all day moving around a classroom, and walking back and forth the 100 yards to and from (200yds round trip) the main building at least 5 times a day (and I was a considerably active person), I still never topped 7,000 with my daily activity. Getting 10,000 would have required me to do additional walking. Normal activity people, heck even relatively high activity people, don’t come close to 10,000 a day. So good luck people!


      • Deanne Said on:

        I bet she’d get there walking to work.

        I just got off the metro two stops early--30 minute walk--to get there.


        • Stephannie Said on:

          Somehow I manage to get at least 10,000 steps every day, even on the days I don’t actually go work out… Chasing 3 little boys (and playing tennis and catch and whatever other crazy things they have me do) is probably why!


          • Kim Said on:

            I have to agree -- sometimes just tidying up the house and getting my two preschoolers dressed used 4000 by noon.

  4. Karla Said on:

    The first picture looks like chocolate chips on the bottom and crunchy peanut butter on the top. Yummy!! 🙂


  5. Annette Said on:

    I’m off at 5pm??!!


  6. Kristi Said on:

    I’m gonna guess that freezer-burn will never be an issue, as these look way too yummy to stay in the freezer for very long.


  7. Peggy Said on:

    In case you ever tire of feeding your jar obsession with food:



  8. Kristi Said on:

    If they ever do a Tour of Freezers, I hope your freezer is on it. You’ve got pages of beef, yummy desserts in jars…. What else?


    • Lauren Said on:

      Oh, I pray they never come photograph my freezer. I actually had to move stuff out of the way to take the picture. My embarrassment might inspire me to clean it out. (I’m sure that will be a post.)


  9. Mark Said on:

    Careful. This is exactly how Ben and Jerry got started.

    “Let’s mix a little of THIS, and a little of THIS and add a dab of THAT. Okay, now let’s put it in a teeny tiny cup and charge $35 for it.”


  10. kelly Said on:

    my mom’s been making dessert ‘shots’ for years. she uses a shot glass to cut rounds out of pie crust, and bakes those with cinnamon sugar. she then filled the shot glass with pie filling, topped it with the round, and added whipped cream.


  11. Maggie Said on:


    I am sooo going to do this with my peanut butter pie recipe.

    These would make awesome little pot-pies for lunches, too!!!


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