Fish out of mineral water

June 15, 2008

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Lloyd went to a surplus auction on Saturday, so I went along to run a few errands and try to get my bad haircut fixed. My plan was to NOT go to a Great Clips or Cost Cutters, but an actual place that does hair. The first place I tried was booked until late afternoon, so that was a no go. I drove around thinking that I needed to find a nice place, but in an out-of-the way location. I happened upon this little village-type shopping center where the clothing places had words like ‘upscale’ and ‘shoppe’ and ‘way-too-expensive-for-you’. Luckily, there was a hair place.

I take that back – it was a ‘Day Spa and Salon‘. I had a bad feeling walking up to the doors, and a worse feeling passing through them. It was obviously not a place for me. There I was in my t-shirt and capris – selected for their ability to get sweaty and dirty hauling auction stuff – and there were the ladies, all dolled up. I’ve never seen so much makeup, cleavage and highlights in one place. I stupidly asked, “Can I get a haircut?” There was a pause, then one girl said, “I could do it now….. if you don’t need it styled.” Ha! Not a problem.

She turned out to be very nice – a leader of her church’s youth group and an alto in their choir – and the whole time I was laughing inside and thinking, “Why didn’t I bring my camera??” I didn’t even let her blow dry it, which shocked her to the core. I explained that I was just going to be all sweaty and gross in an hour at the auction. I bet they wished I had snuck out the back door. I was bad advertising.

Just like that.

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15 Responses to “Fish out of mineral water”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    Hee! And how did the cut turn out?


    • Lauren Said on:

      It’s alright -- much better than the last one. She talked about how she would fix the ‘shelf’ part, and I asked if we could just leave it alone so it could grow out. She agreed.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I feel uncomfortable enough at just a regular haircut place. I think a “spa” would make me pass out from all the pressure.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    ROFLMAO! You should get a 2nd job as a cartoonist … really!!

    (and I never knew you had an extra finger on your right hand--no wonder you’re so good with tools)


  4. Curt Said on:

    Cleavage aye?? Hmmm….I need to get a haircut. Where is this place at?


  5. Dana Said on:

    I love this post! (actually -- I like most of them -- does that make me a groupie?) In the summertime I always say don’t bother with the blow dry if I’m just going home. It’s like you are breaking some hair code. So how much did the “stylist” charge you?


    • Lauren Said on:

      Groupies welcome! I paid $20 plus a $4 tip, and I don’t know if perhaps that put me further in the “she obviously doesn’t belong here” hole. Brad pays $13 plus a $5 tip, and he’s thinking of tipping more! Has the world gone mad?


  6. Kathi D Said on:

    I’m glad you didn’t have a camera because I LOVE your drawing!


  7. Deborah Said on:

    I got a gift certificate for a massage at a Day Spa. So will I be a NAKED fish out of mineral water.


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