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September 10, 2008

Lloyd, School, Videos

I took a bunch of pictures at St. Paul, and it turns out that I only take photos suitable for videos. They’re all a little blurry or whatever, but if I flash them past you really quickly, it looks just fine!

The beginning photos are from a video that played during lunch on Saturday. They had a talent show in high school that had many acts. (Deanne, we saw you in a skit with Lorrie’s brother.) I was happy to finally see the “Galaxy Song” skit that Brad, John and Lloyd performed, since I’ve heard about it many times but just couldn’t believe that it was true. In the video, Brad started off with a string joke, sang a little bit (with John hitting a high note for him), and then sang the Galaxy Song from Monty Python. John stood by, and I think that’s all he did – except hold a plant, while Lloyd filled in the instrumental parts on his state-of-the art keyboard. Leh-gehn-(wait for it)-dary!

The rest of the photos are of the whole group walking around campus. Enjoy! I think the timing might be off because that always happens. We’ll see.


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11 Responses to “The Tour”

  1. Lloyd Said on:

    Thanks Lauren, this is the best video of my 20 year high school reunion that I’ve ever seen.


  2. Brad Said on:

    BRILLIANT! You are a genius.

    Or in the terminology of 1988: This is totally rad!


  3. Karla Said on:

    That was perfect, Lauren!! Thanks! 😀


  4. Peggy Said on:

    SUPERcalifragilisticexpialidocious Lauren!!! (my intenttion was to type Super Excellent, but I got carried away) You make us all wish we were there!! And in the terminology of the 70’s … oops, I don’t remember the terminology.

    (BTW: If I send you pictures of the highlights of my life, would you make me a cool video … don’t worry, if i send just the highlights it will be very, very short)


  5. Michele Said on:

    TOO wierd Peggy that you use that word “supercali…” I was just telling Angie this morning that David spelled it in first grade when it was a bonus word on a spelling test. He’s a freak of nature.


  6. Lauren'sdad Said on:

    Did I see Rev. Harold Block? Or, was that someone else?
    Glad you wore Hawaian shirts, Lloyd. It made it easier to spot you.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yeah, he said it was his 20th reunion too. I sort of recall him being in some of our classes, but he looked older than Brad, and I’m sure he’s the oldest (looking) person in our class.

      Oh, wait. His daughter Sharon was in our class too.


  7. Kitt Said on:

    Wow. That’s a really excellent video! Love the soundtrack, too.


  8. Beth Marshall Said on:

    Llyod- please post Lauren’s video on the Saints site. I would do it myself, if I knew how!

    Who knew that our class theme song would be Monty Python? 🙂


  9. Beth Marshall Said on:

    FYI- I am gonna put it on my blog on MySpace too


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