October 4, 2008


So we went to the vet this morning and yes, there was prodding, and yes, we are exceedingly grateful for the muzzle.  Cricket had an infection of her anal glands (if you have a strong stomach, you can read about it here), and so Dr. Ellis had to ‘express’ them, which would have killed us all if we hadn’t used the muzzle.  She got a shot, and now she’s in the bathroom cursing. Happy Saturday! What a calming backdrop.


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13 Responses to “UPDATE”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    Eek! Poor Cricket. I’d be cursing, too.


  2. Stephanie Said on:

    We had a cat that had the same problem, but all the time. The vet had to remove them! Finally she was a nice cat to be around!


  3. Peggy Said on:


    (so sorry Cricket--you look like a prisoner of war :()


  4. Annette Said on:

    Should have had her face Dr. Ellis, he’s soooooooooo handsome! (In a very young, “I could be your mom” sort of way!)


  5. Beth Said on:


    (Sorry about your butt, Cricket.)


  6. CousinSam Said on:

    I don’t get it. Who’s getting the probing? Cricket or the guy in the striped shirt?


  7. Deanne Said on:

    Poor sweetie… Maybe if she just ate a few mouses every once in a while…


  8. Stephannie Said on:

    I am SO glad that, although gross, it’s something that can be treated. Yay Cricket!


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