Yo yo cat

October 29, 2008


(Warning: If you are eating breakfast while reading this, I say ‘poop’.)

So, I dropped a poop sample off at the vet to see why Cricket has had troubles the past two weeks.  They called with the results – no parasites, thank goodness, but she might be missing some beneficial bacteria from her system due to the antibiotic shot she got a while back.  The vet said, “Bulk up her diet with some special cat food (iams) and try giving her some ‘active cultures’.”  So, I stood in the dairy aisle and perused the yogurt selection….for my cat.

So many flavors.

Yep.  The stuff that’s good for us might just restore my cat to normal.  I actually hemmed and hawed on which flavor to buy, and then I realized that she’ll eat anything.  Really. Some of the things Cricket likes to eat:

Ice Cream
Red bell pepper
Corn on the cob
Really, any veggies
Chocolate chip cookies
(I think she actually might be a dog.)

So, strawberry yogurt was obviously the way to go, because that’s the flavor I like. We’ll be splitting a carton for the next eight days.


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6 Responses to “Yo yo cat”

  1. Karla Said on:

    Maybe her gallbladder is bad… But then again, that’s my answer for everything after mine went kaput.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Well, she sure seems to be enjoying it! That’s good that you don’t have to force it down her throat. But you can also get the same beneficial bacteria from donuts, for future reference.


  3. Heidi Said on:

    That stuff makes me poop. Are you sure Cricket won’t have to poop more?


  4. kiwe Said on:

    that is about the cutest thing ever. A cat that eats yogurt! Ha!


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