Heel Shoes and Heartbreak

November 6, 2008


I’m branching outside of my comfort zone.  I found a pair of dress shoes that actually don’t hurt very much, and I wore them to school.  It was a telling experience about how my kids feel about my old shoes that I wear every day.  The little girls were so excited! (Well, really just Betty*.)

Betty: Why are you wearing your heel shoes?
Betty (three minutes later): Where did you buy those heel shoes?
Betty (in a dreamy voice, four minutes later): I can’t wait until I grow up and can wear those heel shoes.

So, for Betty (*not her real name. Who names their kid Betty now? Lloyd came up with that one.) and all the rest of you, here are my heel shoes.

And a nice close-up of our beat-up floors.

The heartache? Well, since my voice has been shot, I’ve been using some books-on-tape with the preschoolers, and when I was leaving this afternoon I left the tape player going with a group of kids – with instructions to one of the afternoon staff to put in the next story when this one was done. She (the young college girl) said, “Yeah, I tried before and I wasn’t quite sure how you put the tape in?”

Wha??!!! Not knowing how a tape player works?? What is happening? How old am I? Young whippersnappers……

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10 Responses to “Heel Shoes and Heartbreak”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    What?!? Oh for pity’s sake. That hurts.

    Cute shoes, though!


  2. ella Said on:

    After seeing your new shoes, I decided I’m going to get myself a pair just like them. Well, not exactly the same.


  3. Brad Said on:

    Ha! There’s a lesson in my Seventh Grade workbook that references a tape player. Every year I ask them if they even know what a tape player is. I’m still getting “yes” answers. I always follow up with: “Have you seen one?” Fewer and fewer “yes” answers every year.


  4. Sambo Said on:

    Where are you finding books on tape that say, “Put that down!”, “Get that out of your mouth!”, “Hands off”, “Don’t make Mrs. Sommerer cry”, “You’ll poke your eyes out”?


  5. Deanne Said on:

    hehe, didn’t know how to change it…


  6. Peggy Said on:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!!

    hehe about the tape…Years ago my kids found the original Atari Game System in our attic & wanted to know what the heck it was…we hooked it up & although they laughed at th graphics, they spent days playing it. They hook it up every once in a while still. Hehe…dinosaur system….


  7. Beth Said on:

    Lloyd’s a good man for laying down on the floor to get that pic.


  8. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to talk on the blog when you can’t talk in person?


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