January 30, 2009

Cricket, GERD, Lauren

I went to the doctor today about my stupid voice, and he set up an appointment with an ENT in Lincoln.  They’re going to stick a camera in my nose!  (Do you think I’ll be able to post a picture of that?)  Anyway, I asked my doctor if I should keep taking the rest of that stomach medicine and keep sleeping on the wedge and he said yes.  Rats.

The problem with sleeping on the wedge is that it hurts my lower back.  To gain the same acid-pooling benefit, you can prop up the head of your bed frame on blocks or cats.  That’s too much trouble, so I’m experimenting with this for the weekend.

Getting off of it is trippy.


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10 Responses to “Comfy.”

  1. Deanne Said on:

    I hope this has some good benefits for your stomach. No matter what anyone says, the couch is overrated. Good luck. I’m headed to bed as soon as I can here, and I’ll say a little prayer that you sleep well!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Dang, what’s it take to be the 1st to comment on this site???

    I think you should lift all the other furniture up on one end too…you know, so it all matches.

    I sure hope this does the trick & you’re feeling better soon! (I had this same problem years ago…and I seem to remember putting some kind of wedge in between my mattress & box spring. My throat was actually frayed…which reminds me, I was supposed to follow up with that doctor. Well, it’s only been about 14 years…he didn’t specify when to follow up.)


  3. Brad Said on:

    I agree with Peggy… slant all the furniture in that room. You could make some extra money by charging admission for neighborhood kids to walk through your funhouse.

    “See the slanty room!”
    “Witness the insulating effects of the womforters!”
    “Be amazed by the strange lady who sleeps sitting up!”
    “Marvel at the fire contraptions that haven’t yet burned the house down!”


  4. Curt Said on:

    Lauren, would a recliner help?


  5. Karla/Arron Said on:

    Speaking of slanting furniture … why don’t you guys move back into your slanted house that you rented in Seward (it was a long time ago but I think it was you guys who lived there?). By the way I have acid reflux. A change in diet is the best way to get rid of it. They say the worst stuff is citrus, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol however, in my own experience, the most troublesome is anything made out of a certain type of white wheat. Everyone is different so your going to have to find what triggers your attacks.


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