June to March

March 9, 2009

Cheap, Lauren

Cheap Girl update: Remember the last box of laundry soap I opened in June? Well, I opened the next box of detergent this past Saturday, so excuse me while I try to work out some sloppy math here.

Average….. five loads a week? (Whites, lights, darks, towels/bedding, misc.)
One week in June
July to February is eight months/ 32 weeks or so
One week in March.

So, 34 weeks at 5 loads a week, is 170, right? (The old box was for 120 loads, but I use less soap.) Ten bucks (cost for the box on sale) divided by 170 works out to like a millionth of a penny per load, right? Lloyd says that’s not right. It’s more like a nickel. Dnag it – math is hard.


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9 Responses to “June to March”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I use heaping scoopfuls of soap in my wash. I think I must get about 80 loads out of a 120 load box. Mmm… soapy clothes…


    • Lauren Said on:

      I like how you bubble in the rain. 😉


    • Beth Said on:

      We must be related. I buy the 120 load box and it lasts about seven weeks. Of course, I do 8-10 loads of laundry a week…but still.

      That works out to basically 60 loads.

      Yup. Related. But we didn’t get it from Mom, she rations her soap. So we must get it from Dad. “If some is good, MORE is better!”


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Leo’s cousin’s closet smelled so good that I asked them what kind of soap they use. Not only do they use a lot of soap, but they use fabric softener. I now use fabric softener, but only a smidge per load, because the smell is too strong. And my closet doesn’t smell nearly as nice as theirs. I have a love-hate relationship with soap and softener.


  3. ratty Said on:

    i’m with brad… mmmm, soapy soapy suds, mmmm… in the shower? i NEED suds. when the little vegan -girl brings her shampoo? no suds, bleah.
    i have been trying to make and use my own detergent [to feel ecologically smug and green] but it’s time consuming [grategrategrate] and you have to put in the detergent, then the water, THEN the clothes… so much waiting! and. no. soapysuds. which means i can’t bear to watch… because (soap+water=soapysuds)=CLEAN. the detergent lasts quite awhile. even longer because i cheat and use too much SOAPY liquid detergent when i don’t feel like lollygagging around the washer… yes, i’m an eco-slacker.
    the bane of my existence, though, is STATIC. scary, scary stuff. as i use white vinegar in my fabric softener dispenser, i use dryer sheets. a bigbig box of store brand unscented. i cut the sheets in half and they work just as well [on the static], and last forever. if i could find a green {easy} way to kill static, i’d do it. no, tennis balls didn’t work. and are conducive to migraines.
    hrmm. i think that ratty needs to try and focus some of this coffee energy into WORKING…


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