6th grade entrepreneurship

April 18, 2009

Lloyd, School

I thought these were kind of neat. There’s a 6th grader in school who, for the low price of $1.50, will turn an ordinary pen into a flower pen. While cool enough, this is actually 34% cooler, because the flowers are made of duct-tape.

I had no idea there were so many colors of duct-tape. You can pick your own colors too.

My own forays into Jr. High entrepreneurship were not so well thought out. I sold copies of my Air-Supply’s Greatest Hits album by setting my sister’s tape recorder next to the record player. Also, my cousin Mary Jane once paid me a dollar to take a dead snake off the road so that she wouldn’t have to see it when she drove home from Grandma’s house.

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13 Responses to “6th grade entrepreneurship”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I don’t remember selling anything. But I did participate in a barter of Weekly Reader Book Club books with Leslie Shipman. Before we ordered books, we’d consult each other so we didn’t order the same thing. After reading our own books, we swapped.


    • Beth Said on:

      Leslie’s younger sister McKenna was what would now qualify as a bully. Not that it has anything to do with your books, but reading Leslie’s name brought back a flood of memories.

      Oh, and I want a cool flower pen.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Duck tape -- is there nothing it can’t do?


  3. christina Said on:

    Seems like you made money in 7th or 8th grade selling mazes that you drew. I don’t recall how you made copies of them, but I remember the originals being taped down to construction paper.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      I remember mounting them on construction paper, and using dad’s really wide tape to cover them so that we could reuse them. I don’t think I asked dad first, so don’t tell him.


  4. Annette Said on:

    We charged for cheerleading clinics, the homemade pom poms were an additional fee…….


  5. christina Said on:

    I’m testing my new gravatar, hope it shows up.


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Geez, I’m embarrassed to say that our neighborhood of kids did all kinds of stuff to make money….we had little min-fairs…haunted houses…sold kool-aid & snowballs…we even had a door to door car wash…and of course we sold coffee in those gas lines way back at the turn of the century. Some kid even sold painted rocks.


    • Peggy Said on:

      But Tom Ellicott was the most ingenious entrepreneur …his sister put her hand thru a kitchen window & cut an artery in her wrist, leaving her running thru the house with blood squirting out like a fire hose…after she left for the hospital…he charged neighborhood kids 25 cents for a tour of their blood splattered house. (I was too afraid to go)


      • Deborah Said on:

        I put my hand through a kitchen window and ran around the house screaming and bleeding. I’ll have to ask my brother if he charged people to look at my blood after my dad took me to the doctor.


  7. Brady G. Said on:

    I have a saying: “I’ll do anything for money”. Enough said.


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