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June 12, 2009

Found, Home 'Improvement'

First up: It only took two trips to the hardware store, but the faucet is completely installed. We no longer have to make our lemonade with bathroom water!!

I wasted water for this photo.

Ok. Here’s what I really wanted to talk about – Google Docs rocks! I’ve had to keep track of a lot of different types of stuff lately, and since my little laptop doesn’t have any regular software on it, Google Docs is a great alternative.

They have a Calendar feature so you can keep track of things, a Documents section that is a word processing program, and a Presentation feature (I have a presentation at the early childhood conference this week). All you have to do is set up a Gmail account, and all these wonders can be yours!

The best part is that you can work on your files from anywhere. If you have an internet connection – you’re golden! The only drawback: if you don’t have an internet connection – you’re hosed.

It's about our outdoor classroom.  We can't afford an inside.

It’s totally fabulous! Well, until our robot overlords take control and delete all my stuff. Then it’s not.

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12 Responses to “An ad for Google”

  1. Lloyd Said on:

    Lauren actually has Open Office installed on her netbook. I don’t know why she likes Google Docs better.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    HA! Outdoor classroom…can’t afford an inside.

    I can’t help you with building an inside classroom at this time… but I will get right on sending you & your students a brand new, extra large, not busted up & laying all flat, cardboard box.


  3. Peggy Said on:



  4. Meredith Said on:

    Despite being slightly afraid that Google is going to take over the world, I love their products as well. You can set up Google services for use offline if you install Google gears -- kinda handy!


  5. Brady G. Said on:

    Used Google Docs while in graduate school collaborating on a project with a guy not in the area. Very cool. I don’t think you need a Gmail account though to use the service. May need verfication on that technological thought though.


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