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Very Little Remains

February 3, 2016



When we last went back to Missouri to see my folks, my brother Aaron and I made a little bit of an archaeological side trip. There’s an odd outcropping of rocks in the middle of one of the fields on the farm. Actually, it’s more of an outcropping of rock. I would guess it’s about 30 […]

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Workers Quarterly * Hymns for Now

July 22, 2015



I vaguely remember that Lauren told me where she found this. My memory of her story is that it was behind something that they moved at church. Unfortunately, she can’t remember anything at all about where she found it. She remembers even less about her story than I do. I recall that it was a […]

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The Big Tree

June 14, 2014



In college we used to go out to this big tree –which we called, “The Big Tree.” It was this tree in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually it is about 2 miles West of Seward and only a half-mile from nowhere as it is in the middle of a section. On Thursday, after successfully executing […]

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Baby Name Data Visualization

June 2, 2014



The good people (I’m really just guessing here) at Zatonovo have a cool little tool where you can specify a name and it will show you how popular that name was from 1912 to 2012 on a state by state basis. I played with it for a while and there were a lot of interesting things […]

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With apologies to J.K.Rowling

January 15, 2014



Lauren said that I had to write a post, so to get back at her, I’m going to write about something that no one else will be interested in. The Harry Potter books came out when I was teaching middle school and all of the middle schoolers were reading them. Being the dutiful middle school […]

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Lets hear it for cool maps!

August 1, 2012



I’m a sucker for cool maps. If you take any sort of data and map it out by state (or better yet, by county), I’m all over that. Here’s a map that shows religious preference in the U.S. by county: The same people have done a dozen or so other maps that break the country […]

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