I like the heavyweights.

February 25, 2010

Lauren, School

I have an unhealthy love of card stock.

Every morning I get a small piece of card stock, fold it in half, then put it in my back right pocket. It stays with me throughout the day and when I realize I need to do something later, it goes on the list.

“Are you writing something on your list?” the preschoolers ask.

“Yes,” I answer.

“Because you forget stuff, right?” they respond.


They know me so well. One of my least favorite characteristics is that I only remember something when it’s right in front of me. As soon as I switch surroundings *poof* – gone. The list helps quite a bit, plus it’s so satisfying to cross things off.

Back to the paper: Card stock has so much going for it. It’s substantial, so it’s not a little wispy paper that will get frayed and crumpled being pulled out of my pocket so often, and it’s quite satisfying to write on. I used to have a stash of index cards that I guarded like they were made of gold, but someone recently donated a whole box of card stock strips that I have cut down into a ten-year supply of future lists.

My writing is poor but my intentions are good.

So, is it unhealthy, or do other people feel passionately about their writing supplies? (Don’t get me started on pens….)

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10 Responses to “I like the heavyweights.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I have an index card in my shirt pocket almost constantly. The current card has notes on it about where we left off in the movie we’re watching in 8th Grade Religion. The three sections I teach are never quite in the same spot.


    • CousinSam Said on:

      yeah, what’s the deal? Do videos go slower faster after each showing? It is very troubling. It could be that after the first time (50th) I feel as if I know more than the narrator…


  2. Beth Said on:

    I have a purple pen that I use to write checks and balance my checkbook. I use it only for that purpose, and I don’t allow anyone else to use it. Ever.

    And my list making paper of choice is a 2.5 square inch sticky note. Always.

    My name is Beth and I have OCD. But really I wish it was called CDO, so it would be in proper alphabetical order.


    • Karla Said on:

      I bet your bank hates you for using those pens. Imaging equipment picks up black and blue ink really well. Other colors, not so much. And if they use software to read how much your check is written for -- forget it. They probably have you pegged to charge you excessive fees. Just to get you back. 😉


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I agree…writing on index cards is very satisfying. I have a stack next to my computer for writing stuff down.

    But I prefer a longer piece of paper for my food shopping list. I do not like to make a second column with that list. I don’t know why.

    Here’s my favorite pen…I have them at home & at work & you best not be walking off with it.



  4. Lloyd Said on:

    I will write on whatever is handy these days. I used to keep the “List of things to do at school” on a clipboard that was always in the room with me. But I fell out of that habit for some reason.

    As for pens, A green one. I don’t really like the ones I use now, but they are the only ones I can buy by the dozen.


  5. Karla Said on:

    I’m really on a bank kick tonight… We use pre-printed General Ledger tickets to move money around from one place to another in the bank. Want to reverse a fee? Credit the account and write a GL ticket to put the money back in the Service Charge Misc. Easy-peasy.

    Turns out those tickets are the perfect size for making lists. I’m constantly using the backs of them for everything. Grocery list, errands to run on my lunch, stuff to pack for an upcoming trip. They’re great!


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