Off the deep end

April 20, 2010

Home 'Improvement'

This crazy house has become a museum dedicated to the idea of “That would be funny. Let’s do it!” That will probably have to change someday, but not yet.

Case in point: Beth had an UppercaseLiving party a couple of weeks ago where you can order vinyl words for your walls, and while I love having words all over, I was having trouble figuring out what to get and what it should say. You could order standardized, heart-warming phrases or make up your own. Lloyd and I had some good chuckles coming up with our own, but Lloyd’s won out.

Brown on brown. I'm color-choosing-challenged.

It’s true, isn’t it? So, so true. *sniff*

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7 Responses to “Off the deep end”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Just a few more worded walls and you could start charging admission for people to see your house. “It’s a wonder! The house of words! Come and see for yourself, ladies and gentlemen… It’s like a giant, house-shaped book!”


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Clever! (with short e’s)


  3. Peggy Said on:

    HA! And that looks amazing!

    If I had words on my walls…they would probably end up being all movie related things…beings my mind is constantly in a fantasy world.

    Kitchen: ‘Hand Me Down That Can ‘O Beans’


  4. Kristi Said on:

    What were some of the other phrases???


    • Lauren Said on:

      Of course I can’t seem to recall any now. Maybe Lloyd can remember some when he gets home. He had to go to a meeting at Olive Garden, poor thing.


  5. Mark Said on:

    And these days I wish we had the wall phrase you came up with for Matthew’s room!!


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