The worst part of my trip

May 24, 2010

Lloyd, Worst day ever

The fates were against me, and the fates were cruel. The very best part of my trip to San Antonio last weekend? That there exists a place on this Earth known as Jerky World. The worst part of my trip to San Antonio last weekend? That I was not allowed to enter Jerky World.

Christina and Paul have lived in Texas for the better part of a decade. They had never seen Jerky World before. I had been in Texas for about 22 minutes when I saw it. Standing out in an overlooked strip mall like a beam of pure sunshine piercing a cloud.

As if to taunt me, we drove by Jerky World at least half a half dozen times. We could never stop. We had places to go, people to see, planes to catch. Really, it’s probably all for the best. If I’d gone into Jerky World, I would have had to leave Jerky World. I can’t imagine a worse fate.

Simply Glorious

I love you Jerky World.


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11 Responses to “The worst part of my trip”

  1. Brad Said on:

    A whole store about jerky? I would have liked to hear what they offered. Would it have been different flavors? Different kinds of meat? Different shapes? Even just thinking about it is glorious!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      There is no way to know. According to the Randy Savage Uncertainly Principal, You can not know both the location of Jerky World and when Jerky World is open.

      The picture was taken through the window on Monday (when Jerky World is closed) after I left Texas.


  2. deanne Said on:

    Cool. I want to learn to make jerky. I have a dehydrator and have never used it. That must be some kind of sin!


    • Brad Said on:

      I’ve had jerky that was made in the oven… low heat setting for a long time. It was delicious!


    • Kristi Said on:

      I am one of those weird people uses my dehydrator to make jerky. Actually, that’s all I use it for. Depending on the age of your machine, it can take all day or just a few short hours. Unfortunately, I have an aging machine, BUT the jerky is still good!


  3. Lauren Said on:

    Maybe Jerky World will sell us some of those barrels and we could make furniture out of them. Delicious, jerky-scented chairs.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Jerky? Blech!

    Well, unless this counts:


  5. Gretchen Said on:

    I guess I’m not thinking like a carnivore because when I saw the sign “Jerky World” I thought of that Seinfeld where George’s big comeback line is, “The Jerk Store called -- they want you back!” (or something like that.)


  6. Kitt Said on:

    How very cruel. Want jerky. Now.


  7. Christina Said on:

    ok, I have to say 1. we have lived in Texas for four years next month. 2. we only actually drove past Jerky World once the whole time you were here! (we took a different route home on Saturday or I would have stopped for you, even though you were completely zonked out in the back) 3. you could have gone to Jerky World on Sunday with Brittney if you could have remembered where it was (or if you had called me and asked)
    Thanks for coming to visit!


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