Know thy limits.

October 10, 2010


I’ve felt crummy all weekend and I blame it partly on Friday night. Indigestion combined with bad allergy medicine is not a good combination. After dinner I popped up some of that Boy Scout popcorn – which is INCREDIBLE, by the way. Find your nearest Boy Scout and buy some from him IMMEDIATELY. Not that microwave stuff, but the basic kernels. They pop up so fluffy and huge you’ll think you’re eating crunchy sheep.

I ate the whole bowl and then said to Lloyd, “I’m going to make some more. Do you want some? Say ‘no’.” (That last part is whispered. It’s my Jedi mind trick so I don’t have to share.)

It was well after 7 p.m. by this point, but I didn’t care.
I made it.
I ate it.
Regret set in halfway through but it was like a train wreck – unstoppable due to inertia. The human stomach is not meant to consume two giant bowls of popcorn after supper.

Bleh. I should have shared.

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5 Responses to “Know thy limits.”

  1. Lloyd Said on:

    There was popped corn?


  2. christina Said on:

    Declan is selling Boy Scout popcorn…..can I interest anyone in buying some? (if you don’t buy it now, just be prepared to get some for Christmas)


  3. Kitt Said on:

    Thanks for the reminder! My co-worker has been flogging all the chocolate-covered and microwave popcorn for her Cub Scout son, but didn’t mention that they had plain. I just ordered some. I make it every day, so I might as well.


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